Providing the proper watering needs for your landscape is crucial. With just a few days of no rain and 90 degree temperatures, plants and turf can become extremely stressed.

Our irrigation experts will thoroughly inspect your irrigation system and let you know how well it is working, what repairs, if any, are needed to get your irrigation running correctly, and what the cost will be if repairs are needed.

Our irrigation inspection prices are based upon the number of zones your system has.

For an irrigation system with 1-5 zones the price is $85 and for a 6-10 zone system the price is $150. For irrigation systems over 10 zones please our price is $15 per zone.
Irrigation Inspection
1-5 Zones
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Irrigation Inspection
6-10 zones
$ 150.00
Irrigation Inspection
Irrigation Inspection over 10 zones
$15 per zone
$ 15.00
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