Nothing spruces your landscape up like a fresh application of mulch. We offer 3 types of mulch to order online. Double ground hardwood, dyed brown double ground, and dyed black double gound.

Mulch Application will be scheduled within 7-10 days of receipt of payment. If service is desired sooner than 7 days please contact us to make arrangments.

Our mulch application prices are based upon the square footage of your beds. Each yard of mulch covers approximately 150 square feet at a depth of 3". To get the number of yards required for your beds simply divide the square footage of your beds by 150.

For example: Bed Space of 2150 sq. ft. divided by 150 sq. ft. per yard = 14.33. We would recommend rounding up to 15 yards to make sure you have enough mulch for your yard.

We reserve the right to refuse service to customer based upon severely inaccurate square footage measurement. In the case of service refusal we will contact you to make further payment arrangements, reschedule visit, or issue you a refund.
Double Ground Mulch
1 yard = 150 sq ft.
$45.00 per yard
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$ 55.00
Double Ground Dyed Brown Mulch
1 yard = 150 sq. ft.
$ 55.00
Double Ground Dyed Black Mulch
1 Yard = 150 sq. ft.
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Mulch Application
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